Simply Prepare Pine Cones for Crafting Projects

Pine cones are easy to find in your backyard. Why pay craft store prices when you can find them lying around all around you? You can add pine cones to bowls, table arrangements, wreaths, and other handmade crafts during the Fall and Winter to add texture and interest. It only takes a couple steps to have your pine cones ready to use. Here you will learn how to prepare pine cones for crafts.

Step One

After gathering your pine cones, brush with a soft brush and remove the excess debris. There may still be remaining dirt, needles, etc., so soak that off by placing it in a sink filled with water and agitating. Add 1 cup white vinegar to water and soak approximately 30 minutes, still agitating every 10 minutes. Rinse thouroughlyand place in a single layer on an old baking sheet. Line your pan with foil for easy clean up.

Step Two

Bake the pine cones at 250F for about 1-2 hours, depending the size and how much sap they have. Check them and turn over about every 30 minutes or so to avoid burning. They go through stages, and it is truly facinating to watch! You will see the pine cone petals close, then they will open back up when they are ready!

Beware before you start baking the pine cones that your home will smell like a Christmas tree!  Personally, I love it!!!


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